B5 Design

Beauty salons are considered one of the most famous and important places for women, so their design needs a different and attractive aesthetic touch. This is why B5 Design is considered the most suitable destination for designing the most luxurious and elegant care salons and nail health studio - Al-Ghadeer in Riyadh, living proof of that. The interior design was planned and implemented during October 2022 with a high degree of elegance to provide the most comfortable and safe atmosphere for female clients, starting from the door entrance, which was carefully designed to the dividers to achieve more private spaces during massage, manicure and pedicure. B5 Design was keen to use calm shades of color for a more comfortable feeling, with the choice of variable, overlapping lighting, in addition to designing special rooms for massage and equipping them with the latest devices and beauty equipment, including massage tables with built-in cabinets with hidden shelves for storage, mirrors with different angles, and very elegant, comfortable furniture, while providing safe spaces and cabinets. To protect your property B5 Design offers you elegant designs that achieve the best interior atmosphere according to the design of the salon, its work requirements, and your vision for your projects, so do not hesitate and communicate now.