B5 Design

Glow Nail Atelier - Al-Rabwa is a nail care salon. In its implementation during the year 2023, B5 Design designers focused on creating a style that reflects the identity of the place from light colors with dividers of mirrors that were distributed with elegance and sophistication while creating spaces for private rest. All measurements were precisely determined and furniture pieces were selected that were in harmony with the space planning, while lighting was distributed intelligently and harmoniously to combine external and internal lighting to give a feeling of natural comfort. B5 Design was keen to use calm shades of color for a more comfortable feeling, with the choice of variable, overlapping lighting, in addition to designing special rooms for massage and equipping them with the latest devices and beauty equipment, including massage tables with built-in cabinets with hidden shelves for storage, mirrors with different angles, and very elegant, comfortable furniture, while providing safe spaces and cabinets. To protect your property The design included providing private rooms for more privacy, spaces for rest and waiting, and designated closets for special belongings, in addition to preparing the latest equipment and tools and ideal places for them, such as built-in shelves and cabinets, and an ideal entrance that attracts you to a world in which you find comfort after a long day’s work thanks to the picturesque design.