B5 Design

The JoJo Sports Club project for children will be a unique and exciting experience during 2022 The interior design of the Jojo Children's Sports Club and its equipment are among the elements that motivated the B5 Design team to provide a unique experience. It was not only a gym, but a place where children can socialize, relax, celebrate, and live a special experience for a beautiful memory. B5 Design is a group specialized in the design and construction of high-end fitness centers and children’s clubs, where the club’s interior design and its equipment services are made according to the special needs of children and to meet all their dreams of rooms equipped with the latest games and special places for swimming pools and gymnasiums. The design is keen on attractiveness, not just visual appeal. But also practical The B5 Design team takes into consideration all factors such as space use, lighting, ventilation and acoustics to ensure that the gym is a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for children. The process of preparing the Jojo Children's Sports Club included the smallest details from demolition and installation of equipment, floors, walls and ceiling with 3D visualizations, drawings, paintings and colors to the installation of lighting, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing systems. Our engineers also supervised all aspects of the project to ensure that all safety and security standards were met according to the highest international specifications within the agreed upon time and budget.